Company Profile

Company Name: TASKMATE CO., LTD.
Founded in :     January 5, 2017
Established in :   April 24, 2018
CEO:          Keishi Imai
Address :       19-36, Kamikazan-Sakajiri, Yamashina-Ku, Kyoto 607-8465, Japan
Contact:        E-mail:
Works:         Trading both imporint and exporting
             Metal working
             Custom Mchine building
             Textile / Fabric / Apparel manufacturing operation
             Consultant for selling in Japanese market

We are trading company in Kyoto which is the most traditional city in Japan.
Our work are as follows -
- Importing good products from all over the world.
- Exporting high quality "Made in Japan" products to overseas.
- Making machines for each customers.
- Fabric exporting & importing
- Making garment
- Translation in between English <--> Japanese

Please take a look of our "Our Work" page for details.

Regarding Company Logo  
"T" & "M" in the middle comes from TASKMATE as you imagined.
And there are three rabits with full moon back ground.

Why rabbit?

First reason : Ooriental zodiac of Keishi Imai, president of TASKMATE, is rabiit.
Second reason : Rabit is very good omen animal.

Rabit is told as good omen animal because of followings. Some of them are Japanese superstition.

・Big year catch good luck.
 Getting good business information.

・Jump image
 Imagine "Possitive" and "Agressive".
 And also when Keishi Imai founded TASKMATE, he is in climacteric. Climacteric translated in Japanese as "厄年 (Yaku-doshi)". "厄(Yaku)" means "unlacky" and "年(doshi)" means "year". Keishi thought "厄(Yaku)" is the same pronunciation as "躍(Yaku)" which means "jumping". So it is a jumping year!

・Strong agains climbing
 Rabit is good at climbing slope because of short front legs and long back legs.
 We will climb up any difficulty and trouble.

・Strong relationghip with moon
 Rabit has strong relationship with moon in Japan. It is told rabit bring moon.
 We are saying moon as "月(tsuki)" in Japanese. The pronunciation of "tsuki" is the same as luck in Japanese.
 So moon is very lucky object in Japan. And full-moon will be maximum luck. It is the back ground on our logo.

・Only go ahead
 Every TASK will go ahead !

・Run very fast
 Actually, wild rabbit run about 60km/h to 70km/h.
 Wild rabbit run about 60km/h to 70km/h.
 It is faster than famous Usain Bolt.
 We will work quickly !

・Escape from trap
 Rabit tend to escape from the trap leaving their leg.
 It means avoid fatal damage.

・Offsprings prosperity
 Rabit is symbol of offsprings prosperity.
 We think a lot of good employee will growing in the compnay.

Like those. We think there are more. Anyway, I hope you can feel how rabits is good symbol.

Now, how there are three rabits?

Old famous Japanese marchant succeeded in all over Japan. They have spirit named "Sanpo-Yoshi" which means benifit for all three sides "supplier", "buyer", and "society".
We hope we will grow up in this "Sanpo-Yoshi".