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Company Name  TASKMATE CO., LTD.
Founded in   January 5, 2017
Established in   April 24, 2018
CEO  Keishi Imai
Head quaters Address  2-26, Kamikazan-Sakajiri, Yamashina-Ku, Kyoto 607-8465, Japan
Hannan Branch Address  3-14-8 Koyodai, Hannan City, Osaka 599-0223, Japan
Contact  E-mail:
TEL  +81 75 201 4805
 Works  Trading both imporint and exporting
 Metal working
 Custom Mchine building
 Textile / Fabric / Apparel manufacturing operation
 Consultant for selling in Japanese market

We are trading company in Kyoto which is the most traditional city in Japan.
Our work are as follows -
- Importing good products from all over the world.
- Exporting high quality "Made in Japan" products to overseas.
- Making machines for each customers.
- Fabric exporting & importing
- Making garment
- Translation in between English <--> Japanese

Please take a look of our "Our Work" page for details.