Our Works

Trading -  Importing   
  - High Quality Lubricants such as Oil, Grease, Anti-Seize, Coolant from U.S.A.
- Tools from U.S.A. and Asia.
- Textile and Apparel products from Asian countries.
- Tooling equipment for metal working from Germany.
- Motorcycle after market products from Asian countries.
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Trading - Exporting  
  - Metal working products
- Custom Machines
- KITZ Microfilter products
- Machine parts of Japanese brand
- Automobile oil such as Engine oil, ATF, Gear Oil, CVT oil, etc.
@Genuine brand and Japanese brand available.
- Functional Fabrics
*If you are searching any Japanese products, please feel free to contact us. We may help you.
Metal Working & Custom Machine Building
    We have very good connection with many Metal Working Engineer in Osaka.
Osaka is very famous of very high quality metal working, but it is difficult to arrange its production because most of them are focus on one work such as "Only milling", "Only lathe", "Only polishing", "Only Welding", etc. We have connection with each working engineers including material supplier and machine builder. So we can make any type of products in Osaka. We can quote you if you send us drawing.
   Example of Custom Machine Building

Grease Filling Machine for Japan type bellows

@Click picture for details

Pail Mixer

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Textile & Apparel  
  We can export Functional fabrics finished in Japan such as waterproof breathable PU coated or laminated. We can also provide downproof and windproof fabrics.
On the other hand, we are arranging garment overseas and importing to our customers. We are also making Japanese Denim with high quality lamination. It is "Made in Japan" Jeans and can be exported.
   If you need any Japanese translation for website, catalog, proposal documents, etc., please send us inquiry. We can quote you once documents received. Japanese language is very difficult to use certain words. The suitable translation should make your business better.
   As our company name TASKMATE, we can help you any type of TASK and hope to be a MATE for the future. Please feel free to contact us if you need any type of help.