Are you worried about these things?

We create products to solve thess issues in various fields such as security, factory, constructionsites, and homes.
We also create cut-resistant products with good ventilation that can be used all year roundm so please feel free to contact us.

Product page using CYGUSⓇ

All products here are made in Japan.
We can change specification for your demand. The picture on this page is just a base for reference.

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Shields Equipments This introduces some products that is used as a shield to escape someone from strangers.
Protect Human and Animal's Body This shows items that are used for protecting humand and animal's body.
Anti-Theft Products This page gives information of the products that are effective for anti-theft.
Disaster Prevention   It shows some products that are useful for disaster prevention.  
As a Material Here introduces some products that CYGUS is adapted.

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