Product page using CYGUSⓇ

All products here are made in Japan.
We can change specification for your demand. The picture on this page is just a base for reference.

 Personal Protection Equipment(Slash and Stab guarding) 
 Stab guard body protection

 As Japanese blade works is one of the best quality in the world, it is very difficult to protect from stabbing by knives. I believe any other fabrics cannot protect from stabbing.
 We have been developing for stab guard products, and finally achieved this unique technique of "Weaving CYGUSⓇ with Stainless Steel Wires".
 The detail of picture on left is as follows.

- Width : 30cm MAX
- Wire : SUS304 Φ1 x 20 wires/5cm
- Pitch of wire : about 1mm min

 We developped maximum density version, and it will be able to make about 30cm width MAX. As it is very difficult to finish as products, we will do finish for each customer demand such as cutting, end finishing, putting velcro. etc.
 We can make white color version. It will match Y shirt inside. As this products are very lightweight and thin, you can wear inside of jacket or Y shirt.

Neck Guard
 Wear like a neck warmer. We can adjust to each customer demand such as protection property, inside yarn, stretch, etc.

 ・Motorcycle, bicycle
 ・Mountain climbing
 Long Sleeve T-Shirt by WHOLEGARMENT

 Knitted shirt by WHOLEGARMENT. As CYGUSⓇ is difficult to cut, WHOLEGARMENT is one of the solution because there is no cutting and sewing.

 It was not easy to knitting by WHOLEGARMENT because the machine is very sensitive and CYGUSⓇ tend to break the machine due to its strenght.

 After 1 year of development, we achieved to make T-shirt with good quality. We can make other shape along with your demand. Please ask us what kind of product you would like to make. Our factory can program by themselves.
 Body Guard (without wire)
   This is body guard without wire. So it cannot protect from stabbing. Good for slash.

※You can put thick fabric inside in order to improve stubbing guard.
 Arm Guard 
 Slash guard for arm. It have a pocket inside for put thich fabric or some protector in order to improve stubbing and hitting guard.

 ・Motorcycle, bicycle
 ・Mountain climbing
 ・Ice skating, Ice hockey
 ・Metal working, Glass factory
   Very lightweight Gloves. You can watch on the picture translucent. As it is very thin, it is very lightweight and cool in the summer. This is Level 4 on EN388 testing.
 About 31g for 1 pair of gloves

 ・Trail Running, Mountain climbing
 ・Metal working, Glass factory
 Protective Socks  
   Using CYGUSⓇ for socks makes break resistance socks. Many sports player break socks easily. This is good for those persions. It also reduce risk of injury on the mountain walking or climbing.
 Of cause good for security for slash guard.
 We can make any length on your demand.

 Security Equipment 
 Slash Guard Umbrella

 Security for school, station, buildings, etc.
 We developed Slash Guard Umbrella using CYGUSⓇ woven fabric. This products is like a shield against knife attack. Benifit point is "everyone can use". Just open umbrella and escape from knife attack. This is not a weapon, but a shield for escape.

 ・Everyone can use
 ・Visualy announce by using vivid color like picture
 ・Compact for storage
 ・Can see through the facric in the daytime
 ・Good for combination with other security goods
  compact for storage   can see through facric 
 Anti-theft belt
   This products made by our unique technique weaving CYGUS® with stainless steel in order to enhance anti-cut property.
 Basically, scisors can cut fabric but cannot cut wire. On the other hand, plier can cut wire but cannot cut yarn. So we launched project to make woven fabric which made by anti-cut yarn and stainless steel wire. Now we developped.
 This technique enable to enhance anti-cut property comparing with wire type anti-theft lock system however achieved super lightweight.
 The upper picture on the left are using eyelet for using U type lock.

We can make the best one along with your demand.

Max wire diameter : φ2
Max wire dencity : 20pcs/5cm@φ1

 We can weave any types of tape belt. The picture is 46cm width and 11mm width.

 ・Cut resistance belt / tape
 ・String holder on shoes
 Shoes string 
 Socker player easy to break shoes strings. CYGUSⓇ string will be the solution for them. Very good as break resistance strings.

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