CYGUSⓇ Fabrics

   Finally Woven Fabric Developed!

 CYGUSⓇ woven fabric have very good slash guarding property and suitable for security vest, items, outdoor products, sports products, etc. As the yarn is strong, most room cannot weave especially latest water jet room and air jet room. Parts also break easily.
 TASKMATE cooporate with NISHIJIN weaver and developed fabric.

Left picture fabric specification for reference

 Plain weave / Width 100㎝ / Weight abt219g/m2
 Tearing Strength(JIS L 1096 D method):Not Teared
 Tensile Strength(JIS L 1096 A method):
    Warp 5,910N x Weft 4,870N

The JIS machine could not teared CYGUSⓇ fabric. Tensile Strength scored ultra specification numbers. Tested at KAKEN, third party.
 The weaving machine is Jaquard, so we can make color mixing fabric with any types of artwork or logos. We can weave from only 10m for test weaving.

※This fabric is very difficult to cut by regular cutting machine. It sould be cut by Laser or Ultrasonic or Diamond blade cutting. We can cut and sell by pattern piece if you wish.
 For Stab Guard, only CYGUSⓇ fabric cannot protect it. We are developing special coating which is very strong and soft resin.

 Picture on the right: Upper picture applyed about 2mm special coating on thick knitted fabric. This can protect from stabbing by regular level of knives. But cannot protect high level of knives and blade such as Japanese one.
 Lower picture, coated about 2mm on the thin jersey fabric. It shows the coating is not passing through the fabric.

 This Corting is still under development. Regarding Stab Guard, please refer next CYGUS-ST type also.

 The Left picture item is specialty woven fabric for stab guard. It is very difficult to protect from stabbing only by CYGUS however it has super good cut-resistance. You may know Japan is very famous for good knives and blade. We concluded we need to use metal for stab guard.
 We succeeded to weave with Stainless Steel wire. The Stainless wire will protect from stabbing. This picture item specification is as follows.

- Width : 15cm
- Wire : SUS304 Φ1 x 20 wires
- Pitch of wire : about 5mm

 We are developing more density version, and will be able to make about 30cm width by February 2020. As it is very difficult to finish as products, we will do finish for each customer demand such as cutting, end finishing, putting velcro. etc.
 This is the same technique with above stab guard. This contains stainless steel wire in side, so this belt have SOFT and HARD.
 Wire cutter can cut wires, but cannot cut fabric. Japanese scissors can cut any types of fabric including CYGUS, but cannot cut stainless steel wires. Both property can protect one-action theft not like wire lock. We are developing this to put more difficulty.
 As this is jaquard, you can put your logo or artwork on the belt.

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