Grease Filling Machine of Japan type bellows cartridge TM-450M

Japan type bellows

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 Japan type bellows cartridge is very popular in Japanese machines and grease guns. But we cannot fill grease into this cartridge by regular filling machine because it cause air void in the edge of bellows shape container.
 Air void will cause unstable grease fililng because air will come out instead of grease some times when you use gerase gun or auto filling machine.

 Our specially designed machine solve the problem, so it can fill grease without any air void into bellows cartridge.
 The machine comes with specially designed original drum pump which main power source is electricity. It will use only a few air, so you don't need to add compressor if you have already.

 Easy touch panel and button operation enable to adjust speed and filling volume. It can use any tipe of size by using option attachment.

 Please find movie below. We can modify it for automation type and more mass production type.

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<Pump size>

Power supply :200〜220V / 15A
Source of compressed air:Max 0.7MPa
Air consumption (amount):200〜250L/min