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Aut.19.2023 Revised "Product" page
Jun.08-9.2023 Exhibited at Crime&Disaster Prevention Comprehensive Exhibition 2023.
Mar.07.2023 Add"Fasefree Crime&Disaster prevention cushion" on product page
Dec.22.2022 Add "KIREN BELT" on product page
Nov.03.2022 Add "Fung Guard Vest for dogs" on product page
Nov.03.2022 Add "Cut and Load resistant bag" on product page
Oct.25.2022 Add "Stab & Slash Guard Mat" and "Umbrella Shield" on product page
Oct.05.2019 English Website Open

We will exhibit RISCON during Oct.11 to 13, 2023.

  In Japan, there are some knife attack crime occuring these 3-4 years. We need to make protective wear/gear/equipment in order to save police, security person, and also everyone.
We named CYGUSⓇ for specialy made slash guarding yarn and are developping many types of products. CYGUSⓇ scored more than double slash guarding property comparing other Aramid and High molecular polyethylene type yarn. We are developping with cutting-edge technology and traditional techniquie for making specilty products which suit to Japanese market.

The picture on the left is anti-stub mat made by fabric which will be a shield for any types of knifes and swords.

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