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This page introduces TASKMATE's original products

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Our original schemed products (You can see the details when you click the picture.) 
Name: Grease filling machine
Product Number: TM-450M
Made in: Japan

Because the bellows container for the major grease is a normal filler, and air enters in Japan, an exclusive filler is necessary. Our compnay developed it with drum pumps. It is really economical because it baerly uses compressed- air and it is quite as the main is electronically operated and can be driven with an existing compressor in most cases.
Additionally, the customization such as efficiency by full automation and the multi-filling is possible to your request.

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Name: Cutting guide for the expression of the eye measurement
Product Number: F-GSM
Made in: Japan

it is used to measure the expression of the eye of the cloth. It can make two peice of fabrics to fold a fabric and put it into this plate, then cut by scissors. The two pieces are measured with an electronic analytical scale that can be measured to the second place in the decimal point, and if 100 times, it will be g/u. When the fabric is too small to be cut into two pieces, it is culcurated 200 times.

the round-shape plate would not certainly hold a fabric, this square-shape plate is featured to hold the fabric tightly.

  Name: Dry anti rust tape
Made in: Japan

This tape, our company original product, is so unique that it can prevent the inside of the mold from rust just by attaching this sticky tape on the mold core side and closing the mold. Also, it is dry, needless to wash the next time when you open the mold and shape it, non-effective on mold products.

Other than the use for molding, it is possible to prevent rust by putting this tape and other thing you do not want to rust in a bag or container that can be sealed in a zip lock

There are three types depending on adhesive ability

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 Imported Products
  Name: EMI shield slab
Product Number: EMIS-3 3φ
             EMIS-6 6φ
              EMIS-15 10φ
Made in: Taiwan

This shield sleeve is developed for protecting various cables from EMI. The aramide thread is coated with a spin plated copper on the core, and it is excellent in durability while ensuring excellent EMI shield performance. The sleeve is designed to stretch, so it is possible to put in a bundle of cables, as well as thicker cables and connectors as they are.

Fabric Products 

Name: Nishijin-ori carbon/PU laminate
Made in: Japan

Carbon materials are mostly woven in twill patterns and solodified with epoxy resin, and are used in applications such as airplanes, automobiles, and motorcycles. The reason why twill patterns are the only option is because while carbon fiber is strong against tension, it is weak against friction and can develop fuzzines due to friction.

To weave in fabric form, it is necessary to use a loom, but the loom itsself has parts that inevitably create friction, such as the reed and the shuttle, making nromal weaving difficult. Additoinally, when using a jacquard weave, the loom movement becomes even more complex and the defect rate increases, so there are fewer places to weave and only sinple patterns can be woven.

On the other hand, if it were possible to weave carbon into complex patterns, it would be a unique technology. Attempts were made to weave carbon using the world-class weaving technology of Nishijin-ori which Japan is proud of. After more than 10 years of trial and error, complex pattern weaving was finally realized

Since carbon textiles themselves are weak against friction, it is necessary to cover them with resin. However, our company has operations for making fiber products, so instead of using hard carbon solidified with conventional epoxy, we sought soft carbon materials and started operations to create "Nishijin-ori carbon jacquard-PU laminate" by requesting a polyurethane film lamination factory

  Name: CYGUS(R) series Cut resistant fabric and thread
Made in: Threads-the U.S. Fabrics-Japan

The cut-resistant fabrics and threads of the CYGUS(R) series offered by our company are developed using threads adopted by police, special forces, and military units in the United States and overseas. We are pursuing the development and sale of original products that are not available elsewhere by utilizing Japan's unique traditional and advanced technologies.

These products' cut-resistant capabilities in ASTM is proud of a strength 2.5 times more than that of a certain well-known threas in the conventional market, not only increasing defence power with the same thickness but also achieving lightweight with the same defence power, making it possible to create products that meet uses demands.

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